Sprint at PyCascades

Development sprints are a key part of PyCascades. It is an opportunity to contribute and give back to Python and open source projects. At the sprint, attendees get to collaborate in person with other contributors and maintainers.

Venue: The Collective Seattle, 400 Dexter Avenue. ( Map).

When: Monday, February 25th, 2019, 9am to 5pm.

Who: Those registered to Sprint. Space is limited at the venue. Please register for free ticket here.

Sprint coordinator: Timothy Crosley

Lunch and snack will be provided. We’re also working on some reward/token for each time you made a pull request to open source.

Thank you for sprinting and contributing to open source!


Propose a pull request to add your project. You can also discuss sprint on our #sprints channel on Slack.



  • Lead: ??
  • Interested people: ??
  • Repo: ??
  • Communication channel: Slack? IRC? zulip? Twitter? email? Gitter?

<any additional info>


We have a variety of things to sprint on from core C bugs, to Python library work and the CircuitPython website.


I plan to spend time working on adding more unittests and increase test coverage. There are also a few other issues in the repo. I’ll be happy to explain how it works. Uses Python 3.7, aiohttp, gidgethub.